Here’s what our customers have to say about The Visiting Vet!

Our family has been with Dr. Rotigel for about 15 years. We could not be happier with her care. She has been very compassionate with our kids (5 cats) and patient with the parents (us), even when we do stupid things. She didn’t even get mad at me when I gave my Synthroid to my cat and called her panicking at 5:30 in the morning. She has even had us to her own house when we cannot make regular office hours. Three of our cats are older and have required a lot of attention. Dr. Rotigel’s guidance and care have helped us immensely. She is as much a trusted friend as our vet and we truly appreciate and love her.

– Mark Lipson and Wendy Bauer

Dr. Seely Rotigel is a highly educated and very compassionate veterinarian. Unlike other veterinarians I’ve been to, she goes out of her way for her patients and their “parents”. How many veterinarians do you know, who would contact pharmacies all across the country to get the most effective insulin for a cat? She calls with important lab results on weekends; so, no stressful waiting until Monday. One of my cats has a bowel condition, and Dr. Rotigel has not only seen him at her house after hours, she has also generously given up a few of her weekends to treat him. She has even allowed me to meet her at a restaurant, where her family was having dinner, in order for me to pick up medication for one of my pets. Dr. Seely Rotigel has a career that is her passion, not her “job”, and she has proven this time and time again through her actions. I would, without hesitation, recommend her to anyone who has a four-legged member of the family. Seely, thanks for all you do.

– Amy Cook

Dr. Seely Rotigel has for many years taken care of my eight dogs and countless foster dogs and cats. I can honestly say that she is the very best and I thank her for her expertise, her wonderful caring and gentle approach to each of my dear animals. She has not only seen to their health and given them each a longer and healthier life but has also been there for both me and the loving pet who had to go to that rainbow bridge. She understands and gives an emotional support that has helped me so very much. Seely is wonderful. I am so grateful for her work with all of my babies.

– Dusty Reeds

I raise and breed Balinese kittens. I have known Seely for over twenty years on a professional basis. I almost feel like I can call her a friend because of the care my babies get when I take them to her. She is willing to take the time to answer all my questions and put my concerns behind me. I put 100% trust in her ability to care for my cats and kittens needs. Thank you so much for always being there!

– Patty Scott

Dr. Rotigel saved my dog’s life after my dog ate an entire bottle of a prescription drug. She worked on her all night, and my naughty dog made it. Dr. Rotigel is great whether it’s a crisis or regular care. She has come up with some creative ways to make my animals’ health-care dollar go further. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– Maria Smith

Dr. Seely Rotigel was vital when we made our move to Ireland with our two dogs. There were numerous pages of questions and information required prior to our departure and Dr. Rotigel was there to help with tests, information, and guidance.

Dr. Rotigel has provided sensible and sensitive care for our pets for more than 15 years. She is always supportive and responds to our numerous questions and inquiries with patience and knowledge.

We tell all our friends about her care and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

– The Walen family

I have been a client of Dr. Rotigel since before she started the Visiting Vet.

I am a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. I train and show my Belgian Sheepdogs in obedience, agility, drafting, dog sledding, and other sports.

Dr. Rotigel has always listened to my suggestions and wild ideas. She is always very willing to listen to her clients, and offers great suggestions. She provides information for the human client to make informed decisions.

Dr. Rotigel was very comforting and compassionate when we put my older dog to sleep. It was painful by the right thing to do. It was a comfort that Iza was in quiet and familiar surroundings. Dr. Rotigel provided materials to remember my dog and grief support when needed, and made everything so much easier.

– Lesley Ashworth

We think the world of Seely and could write volumes of praise for her.

We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Rotigel. Through the years (and four dogs), she has been a source of guidance, compassion and support for us. She handles the routine exams, and vaccinations with her usual good humor and gentle nature, but it is during the stressful periods when she rises above the ordinary. We have lost two dogs to cancer and a third to a rare blood disorder, and during those times her support, hard work, and compassion were phenomenal to say the least. She even helped make our good-byes as easy as possible, for which we will be forever grateful.

Our current dog Sami tried out a quarter pound of chocolate this past summer and Dr. Rotigel got a frantic late night call. All turned out well after some quiet reassurance, some simple instructions, and of course the usual call me anytime with any concerns.

The Tina Turner song comes to mind for us, Dr. Rotigel is simply the best.

– Tom Kirkpatrick and Chuck Stafford

I can’t imagine a better vet. I really can’t. Dr. Rotigel cares for us and our pets in a way that no other vet ever has. And with Dr. Rotigel we GET Dr. Rotigel — not some vet assistant and an empty room for half an hour waiting for a vet to make his appearance. Dr. Rotigel takes her time with us and we always come away feeling both educated and befriended.

– Michael Fisher

I have followed Dr. Rotigel through her different endeavors and will continue to follow her wherever she chooses to practice. Never have I has a Vet actually CARE about my ‘kids’ as much as she does. She makes me feel as if I am her only client. Never do I feel rushed when we have appointments. All her diagnosis has been ‘right on’ — never would I ask for a second opinion once she has given me one unlike with other Vets.

I would recommend Dr. Rotigel to anyone in the Southwest Michigan area. She is most definitely appreciated.

– Julie Miller

Seely Rotigel is a very well-trained and talented vet with a fully-equipped mobile unit. But what sets Seely apart from other vets is her real feelings for her clients and their pets. She has gone over and above expectations for us many times in the years we have been with her, and my dogs love to see her. We have had dogs all our lives and seen many vets, but Seely would be extremely difficult to replace. She is the best!

– Garrett and Joan Boogholt

Dr. Rotigel is a super Vet as well as a super person. She has been our Vet for approximately 14 years. She took care of our one cat initially, and we’ve now increased to 4 inside cats and she has spayed or neutered each. I also trap feral cats and have them fixed and put them back out, so when she was with the Operation Fix-It program, she also tested them for FELV/FIV and informed me of any problems we had and what to do. She always goes that extra mile to help and advise her clients. She is very knowledgeable and she keeps up-to-date on all procedures – and I always tell my friends and family about her, in fact we even take our daughter’s animals to her. I also like the idea of going to the Mobile Unit: no waiting, just in and out, and she always have time to talk to you about problems. We feel so honored to have her as our vet.

– Carolyn Martz

Dr. Rotigel is, without a doubt, the best vet around. She has been our vet for the past 11 years, and we could not be happier with the care our babies receive from her. I started taking my puppy to her in 1995, and was so impressed by her skill and compassion — and, let’s face it, her sensitivity to my very over-protective, neurotic nature when it comes to my pets — that there was no question we would follow her as she went to another clinic.

Since that time, we have added another dog and a cat to our lives, and Dr. Rotigel has added the mobile clinic to the lengthy list of reasons why she provides the best veterinary care around. Our cat Emma cannot stand car rides, and pants and froths when she is put in her cat carrier. What could be better than having your vet drive to your house? Now all we have to do is carry Emma out to the mobile clinic in our driveway, and we are all much happier.

I generally come to all of my pet’s appointments with a list of questions that I would like answered. Dr. Rotigel patiently answers each one, and spends a great deal of time with my pets. I don’t know of any other vet that would take the time to do research on beagles and cataracts on her off time (which she did for me), or to help a client bury their beloved pet after having to put it down (which I witnessed her offering to do once). These are just a few of the many examples I could give that illustrate what makes Dr. Rotigel so great.

– Laura Burnham