• In our uncertain times of Covid19, this can be an important tool for our clients and patients. Just as human doctors are offering these type of appointments, so are many veterinarians.
  • Convenient, trustworthy/credible advice from YOUR veterinarian who knows you and your pet (vs google, etc). Safer for those clients with health/immune issues. Easier for those with limited availability to bring their pet to the clinic. And all in the comfort of your home!
  • This is an exclusive service for our current clients with active patients (those that have had a physical exam/office visit in the past 12 months)
  • Pet’s stay healthier and have less health issues when concerns are addressed and handled quickly.
  • Many appointments can be done online to save clients time, travel and wait times.
  • If medications or food are needed, they can be scripted or picked up at our office.
  • Remote or telemedicine appointments for things such as skin rechecks, dermatology exams, nutrition advice, behavioral issues, hospice care, follow up/recheck appointments, advice and some other things may be handled this way. There may be need for in hospital full physical examinations in some cases.
  • You would call to make an appointment with our office and if it is something that may be able to be handled with a virtual appointment, it may be offered to you (or you can ask for this service) and scheduled at a time that works well for you. You would then receive an email with a link to go to your online appt via your computer or other device at that time. Dr. Rotigel would open the appointment and spend the same 10-20 minutes with you. You may wish to have pictures or video available pending your pet’s issue which you can share before or during the meeting.
  • Fees will be at normal examination rates of $36-49 and no fee for most post op issues. Medications, foods, etc would of course be an addition charge just as if you were in the clinic in person. If your pet requires an in person examination after the remote consult appointment then that examination would be discounted or even free. You would then pay for your appointment/consult at the end with a credit card.

Feel free to give our office a call if this is something you are interested in or
have questions! We certainly hope that this new service helps many clients
and patients!